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Get feedback before going live. Use data to gather insights and confirm your instincts.

With Decision Mate, all your decisions will be data driven.

Loved by teams

“Before DecisionMate, we had to process all the feedback manually. It used to take months to get real answers. Our engagement rate was around 3%. Now we can get all of the insights instantly and, also, we increased our response rates by more than 10x (higher than ever!) The machine learning analysis saved us a tremendous amount of time.”

Daniel Rabinovich

COO at Mercado Libre

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Get 10X more engagement from your customers

Best decisions come from talking to your users. And to talk to your users, you need to be engaging; otherwise, they’ll ignore you. With Decision Mate, our customers see 10X more engagement than with text-based surveys.


All your feedback in one place

Say goodbye (and good riddance) to the days of checking email threads, Dropbox links, and group message chats. DecisionMate lets you keep all your data together. Plus, it is easy to manipulate your data to gain impactful insights using demographic filters.


Machine learning powered insights

We read all the answers for you, we summarize them, and extract the most important topics people feel strongly about using powerful machine learning models.


Teamwork is everything. Add as many team members as you want and have access to the same dashboards.

Your data is yours

We don't want to keep your stuff away from you. Download every single piece of information and then do whatever you want with it. It's up to you!

Verified answers

Knowing your audience is critical. We will check and verify the identity of everyone who participates in your research studies. How cool is that?